Morrisons Continues to Flounder as Premium and Discount Stores Flourish

Morrisons seems to be floundering in the market, as significant parts of its business fail, major employees quit, and Aldi and Lidl continue to reap larger market shares.
Morrisons previously bought out Kiddicare, the baby specialists, and set the employees it gained, such as Simon Harrow, head of digital capability, to improve and expand Morrisons’ online presence. However Harrow is allegedly now resigning due to management decisions and the conflicting involvement of Ocado.
Kiddicare seems to have been swallowed up by Morrisons and its performance has failed, arguably due to the physical expansion of the superstore.
However, Morrisons is losing sales, particularly to the discount supermarkets. Kantar Worldpanel have carried out reviews on the 12 weeks up to the 30th March, and found that compared to this time last year, Aldi, Lidl, and Waitrose have experienced record breaking growth, and now account for relatively large portions of the market.
As these premium and discount stores are flourishing, the main supermarkets which sit in the middle are failing. Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and of course, Morrisons, are experiencing losses, but Tesco still hold sway with the largest market share.