Buy One get One Free Deals Blamed for Immoral Food Wastage

Buy one get one free deals have come under fire in supermarkets as a result of the “morally repugnant” amount of food that goes to waste in the UK each year.
The House of Lords European Union Committee have announced in a new report that 15 million tonnes of food per annum goes to waste in the UK.
Retailers have been told that they have to be more responsible for food wastage, and stop moving food waste “from the store to the household” by using offers like the well known ‘Buy one get one free’ deals.
John Pal said on the BBC that the retailers make farmers reject produce that does not fit with the standards of the shops, causing waste at the producing level, and then selling excess off to customers in cheap deals, causing waste at the customer end.
This all contributes to the overall 90 million tonnes of food that is reportedly wasted per year across the whole of the EU.
Baroness Scott of Needham Market stated that “Not only is it morally repugnant [to waste so much food], but it has serious economic and environmental implications.”
The report has also blamed the “fragmented and untargeted” attempts to tackle this wastage across the EU.
Many are saying that the wasted food would theoretically go to better use if donated to charities rather than thrown out, as the wasted food is supposedly more than the entire food production of Sub-Saharan Africa.
However, the British Retail Association said that “the government’s own research body has concluded there is no evidence that promotions increase food waste.”