Supermarket aims to prevent bee crisis

Sainsbury’s supermarket has announced it will help Britons to protect bees by sharing its expertise on making low-cost habitats for the insects.
The grocer is contacting schools and a number of other local organisations around the nation, so that so-called ‘Bee Hotels’ can give a place for the hard-working animals to rest as they collect nectar.
Bee Hotels are constructs with a range of aromatic herbs and greenery specifically planted to give the insects an easy to reach shot of nectar. 
Sainsburys relies on the animals for a huge amount of its fruit and vegetable output, as bees are one of the main pollinators of crops and trees around the UK and declining numbers have worried chiefs at the chain.
Paul Crewe, head of sustainability, energy and engineering at Sainsbury’s, said: “We have over 20 million customers and over 150,000 colleagues and if just half of one per cent make use of our instructions for Bee Hotels it would mean around 100,000 new habitats.”
Bee Hotels are easily made and can be constructed using commonly found household equipment.