Childcare costs preventing women from going back to work

New research released by ASDA supermarket has shown that 70 per cent of non-working mums avoid entering the labour market because of high childcare costs.
While some 86 per cent of mothers surveyed by the grocer said that they want to be a good role model for their child, the rising amount of financial pressure put on parents means that many can’t afford to put their offspring in a nursery.
Of the 5,500 surveyed by ASDA, around 44 per cent commented that the cost of school uniforms was one of the biggest expenses that they have to deal, with this rising to 60 per cent in Wales.
But 53 per cent did say that if they were allowed by headteachers to have a free choice of where to source their child’s attire from, this expenditure would be significantly eased.
Hayley Tatum, people director at ASDA, commented: “The majority of mums want to work to be more financially independent and demonstrate a strong work ethic for their kids, but for many the crippling cost of childcare is keeping them at home.”
However, the government has recently launched a childcare voucher system, which allows nursery care to be bought via a tax-free salary sacrifice scheme.