British cheese sales diversify

Britons’ love of cheese is well documented, but for a long time, Cheddars and Stiltons were about as exotic as most consumers dared to go.
However, according to Tesco, people in the UK are willing to try out more and more types of the dairy product and this is borne out in new statistics released by the supermarket.
Within the last 12 months, sales of Chaource, Comte, Langres and Cave Aged Emmental have increased by 350, 280, 160 and 120 per cent respectively over the previous year – showing just how popular newer and stronger variations of cheese are becoming in the UK.
Overall, sales of the dairy product have increased by 13 per cent and analysts at Tesco supermarket believe that the market is now worth £375 million across the UK.
Tesco cheese category buying manager David Chamberlain said: “During recent harder times people have entertained more at home and that has led to shoppers trying new cheeses as well as picking up their British favourites like Cheddar and Stilton.”