ASDA cuts price of petrol again

ASDA has cut the price of its petrol across all of its forecourts in the UK.
The supermarket announced customers will pay no more than 131.7p per litre for unleaded petrol, no matter if they are in the Scottish Highlands or the Home Counties.
Drivers of diesel vehicles will also be pleased to hear the tariff for this fuel type will be reduced to a maximum of 137.7p per litre. 
This is the second time in two weeks the supermarket has dropped its prices and this reflects lowered wholesale levies on imported petrol.
Motorists have so far struggled to cope with rising fuel costs over the past few years, but after a sharp rise of around 40p per litre between 2009 and 2011, the listed charge for the resource has stabilised and remains relatively unchanged in the last 12 months.
Prices have also been helped by the government scrapping its automatic duty rise on petrol, which would have meant substantially heightened costs annually.
A statement released by ASDA read: “We’re the only supermarket to set a national price cap when we cut the price of fuel, meaning you know the most you’ll pay at the pump regardless of where you live.”