ASDA announces zero interest credit card

ASDA supermarket has announced a new deal that will give consumers the chance of getting zero per cent interest on credit .
Customers using the ASDA Money Credit Card will have to spend £200 or more in a single transaction to access the offer, which lasts six months and both new and existing clients can make use of the deal.
Card holders will be able to use their plastic on purchases from ASDA Direct, George or the home furnishing sections of any of its supermarkets, which means buying that big TV or games console is easier and cheaper than ever.
An ASDA statement said: “ASDA Money has launched this offer to help you manage the cost of presents in the run up to Christmas – but the deal isn’t limited to a specific period.”
There are numerous other benefits to using the card – including one per cent cash back on in-store grocery or petrol purchases. There is also a low APR of 14.9 per cent.