ASDA announces polka dot Kate Middleton dress

ASDA supermarket has announced the sale of a new dress that mimics the style of Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.
Although the royal has been seen going in and out of a Waitrose in her adopted home of Anglesey for the past few years, it appears that George – ASDA’s fashion brand – want to cash in on teens’ newfound love for Kate and Will.
To commemorate the launch of their new Mini Middy dress, George revealed that Kate Middleton is the most inspirational figure for girls aged under 15. Making up the rest of the top five, in descending order, are Jessica Ennis, Taylor Swift, Karren Brady and Selena Gomez.
Head of design Helen Low commented: “Kate has quickly become the woman that young girls look up to for inspiration both in demeanour and style. The recent birth of Prince George has reignited the royal fever across the nation.”
Demand for the new dress is expected to be so great that forecasts released by the supermarket show that it will sell-out across the country within a week.