Tesco to focus on waste reduction

Tesco has revealed plans to cut down on the amount of food it wastes.
The supermarket has become the first in the country to publish figures relating to how much of its produce goes unused.
Salad bags are one of the worst offenders – with 68 per cent of all salad grown ending up in the rubbish bin.
Tesco has announced it will now end multi-buy offers on the larger variants of the products and will also encourage mix-and-match offers on the smaller bags to help customers reduce the amount of food that goes to waste.
The data showed that over a third of produce gets thrown away at home.
Matt Simister, Tesco commercial director of group food, said: “Families are wasting an estimated £700 a year and we want to help them keep that money in their pockets, rather than throwing it in the bin.”
He added that the retail giant would now be working alongside suppliers to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away “from farm to fork”.
The study also found that a fifth of bananas are wasted, along with a quarter of grapes, two-fifths of apples and just under half of bakery items.