Dorset Morrisons plans fail to win over residents

Plans for a new supermarket in Dorset have been met with 100 objections, according to the local newspaper.
The Bournemouth Echo reports that the proposed Morrisons store on Stony Lane in Christchurch has been opposed by some residents in the area.
Doubts have been raised by people living in the locality due to possible traffic congestion and damage caused to the high street as a result of the 5,860 sq m site being developed.
Locals had until October 2nd to have their say on the plans as part of a public consultation on the matter and while there were 100 people against, 17 people said they supported the development and three said they were undecided.
The application for the Morrisons Foodstore also included proposals for a car park large enough for 350 vehicles, accommodation for staff and cafe facilities.
Councillor Trish Jamieson told the Echo: “I think opinion seems fairly split because I speak to some people who can’t wait and then others who are asking why we need another supermarket in the area.”
It is reported that a planning committee will have its say on the application next month.