ASDA cuts fuel prices

ASDA has announced yesterday (October 30th) that it is planning to cut its fuel prices to their lowest level of the year.
The supermarket has said it is the only one to have a national price cap on the cost of its petrol and diesel – which means that motorists are guaranteed to know how much the maximum amount they can expect to pay is.
According to the retail giant, its rivals have been known to charge up to six pence a litre more or less depending on their petrol station’s geographical location.
However, ASDA has insisted that its prices will remain the same across the board – with a promise that motorists will pay no more than 126.7 pence per litre for unleaded fuel and 133.7 pence per litre for diesel.
The supermarket’s head of petrol trading Jeremy Walton said: “Our shoppers don’t have to figure out complicated deals and collect vouchers to get the best price, they simply pay what they see at the pump.”
Customers are also being encouraged to compare how ASDA’s fuel prices compare with nearby forecourts by using its online petrol price comparison tool.