Waitrose to add 400 more products to essential range

Waitrose has announced it is expanding its essential range throughout year and adding almost 400 everyday shopping items to its shelves.
According to the supermarket chain, the products will launch across existing categories and in areas that are not food-related – it said in total it is planning to either introduce or improve up to 700 essential goods in 2013.
Rupert Thomas, marketing director at Waitrose, stated when the food and drink giant rolled out the essential range four years ago, it intended to offer the quality its customers expect at the same time as reassuring them the company can offer affordable prices.
He noted 79 per cent of consumers now add an essential Waitrose product to their basket when shopping at the store, adding: “We will continue to grow the range in existing and new product categories, underlining our promise to offer customers the best value without ever compromising on quality.”
The essential brand was launched in March 2009 and brought 1,400 lines of staple items in meat, fruit, vegetables and milk to customers and since then, it has grown to 1,800 lines across most key food and drink categories.