Tesco introduces Clubcard TV online streaming service

Tesco has launched a new online TV and movie streaming service that will rely on Clubcard data to send targeted ads to customers based on their individual spending habits.
Clubcard TV is being rolled out today (March 6th) after the supermarket carried out a month-long in-house trial among its employees.
The food and drink giant’s 16 million Clubcard members will be able to watch TV shows and films free of charge without the need for a contract or subscription, while they do need to agree to Tesco using information about their consumption habits and location.
Scott Deutrom, managing director of Clubcard TV, said the service is being introduced so the company can reward its customers with hundreds of free goodies.
He added: “By using Clubcard, we can look at what customers buy from us, what things they like and then make an effort to target adverts that are more relevant to them.”
It is likely Tesco is hoping consumers will begin to think more highly of it, after it was recently rated the worst of the nine major supermarkets in a Which? customer survey.