Asda launches Price Lock ad campaign

Asda has rolled out an advertising campaign promoting its commitment to low prices on essential items such as bread, butter and milk.
Ahead of chancellor George Osborne’s Budget announcement yesterday (March 20th), the supermarket giant launched Price Lock, a TV ad that claims the company is locking the costs of everyday products for a minimum of 12 weeks.
Stephen Smith, Asda’s chief marketing officer, said although the advert is tongue-in-cheek by playing on the iconic red Budget box image, there is a serious message at the heart of it.
He added that in light of the uncertainty surrounding the Budget, “I hope that with our latest campaign, we can give mums a little certainty at a time when their budget are being stretched to the limit.”
The advert started running yesterday and will continue to be shown on screens today, before it is followed up by a fresh iteration in April and supported by a press campaign.
In his speech, Mr Osborne revealed he will be cutting corporation tax to 20 per cent and freeze petrol duty rises, while he also slashed beer duty by one pence.