Supermarket IDs Scottish pensioner

A Scottish 81-year-old has spoken out against a supermarket after it refused to sell him alcohol because he didn’t have any identification.
The former police officer went to ASDA at Loanhead with his wife and 16-year-old granddaughter to shop for groceries, which included a bottle of VSOP brandy.
When the trio reached the checkouts to pay for their goods, they were stunned when an assistant asked if they had any ID, according to the Scotsman.
Out of incredulity, the pensioner called over a supervisor and asked them to resolve the situation, but the till clerk said they would be liable if it was found they were underage and asked them to put it back on the shelf where they found it.
Challenge 25 legislation dictates that a supermarket sales representative cannot sell alcohol to a member of the public if they think they look under the age of 25.
An ASDA spokesperson said: “We don’t apologise for colleagues being over-cautious as we have failed test cases in Scotland and staff on the till can be held responsible.”