Brits burning in sunshine

While this excellent weather is good news for pubs and bars up and down the country, a new survey has revealed 73 per cent of Brits were burned in the last week.
The recent heat wave has certainly put smiles on our faces, but many people in the UK don’t realise just how dangerous tanning without sun block can be.
A new study conducted by ASDA lowercase? supermarket has revealed sales of aftersun at its stores have increased by 281 per cent, while the number of people buying Aloe Vera has shot up by 158 per cent on normal levels.
The supermarket chain recently launched a “Don’t Get Burnt” campaign in partnership with the British Skin Foundation in order to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive sunlight, but this doesn’t appear to be getting through to consumers.
A team from ASDA and here? went to a beach in Brighton and found 95 per cent weren’t wearing the correct protection and this could cause melanoma or other serious conditions. Burns are also uncomfortable and make people look a bit stupid.
British Skin Foundation spokesperson Hermione Lawson said: “By the end of this summer, around 1,250 people in the UK will die from skin cancer. We support ASDA’s ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ campaign to highlight the serious health risks posed from sun damage.”