Waitrose supermarket unveils portion control utensils

Waitrose has unveiled a range of portion control utensils to help people watch their weight and achieve their New Year resolution goals.
The supermarket has launched a number of tools designed to correctly manage food quantities, such as an easy measure pasta basket, a cheese grater portion pot and a sauce ladle.
It is hoped the products will prevent consumers from being overindulgent with their servings, which should play a role in helping them to reach their target weight.
Moira Howie, nutrition manager at Waitrose – the food shop of the John Lewis Partnership – said: “Shoppers generally know the right things to eat, however it can all come unstuck when it comes to working out the right amount to eat.”
Ms Howie explained individuals can pile on the pounds even when eating good food, so using measuring utensils could help to maintain their healthy eating by preventing them from going overboard with portion sizes.
The new range includes products such as a trio serving set – consisting of a slotted spoon for vegetables, a solid spoon for rice and potato and a spatula for meat and fish – as well as a cook and strain basket for pasta.