Tesco to open artisan cafe in London Bridge store

Tesco has secured planning permission to open its first boutique Harris + Hoole coffee inside one of its flagship London stores.
The supermarket chain is installing the artisan cafe – which made the news after it was discovered it is 49 per cent controlled by Tesco – inside its ‘concept store’ near London Bridge train station.
Harris + Hoole was slammed for its commercial ownership and criticised for being hypocritical about the support it received from Tesco, but chief executive Nick Tolley denied these allegations.
He said: “We have been open about Tesco’s involvement from day one. Our philosophy has been to take a quality product and service to the high street, something Tesco is a master of.”
In the coming months, the supermarket giant is set to install a further ten coffee shops adjoining to its premises and the expansion will boost employee numbers from 170 to about 250. While the cafes and supermarkets will have separate entrances and branding, they will share the same building.
Tesco recently recovered its share of the UK grocery market and matched competitors for the first time since June 2011.