Violence at Asda stores on Black Friday

Supermarket giant Asda saw tempers flare on Black Friday as customers battled to get discounted items.
The day of deals on November 29th resulted in a heavily pregnant woman being pushed and shoved to the ground in Belfast. In Bristol, a man was wrestled to the ground over a dispute about the number of cut-price televisions he was allowed to purchase.
One eye-witness at the Westwood store in Belfast claimed that her friend was “actually kicked to the ground and trampled on and now has a broken arm and is waiting to hear if she is going to need surgery next week.
“It was just a free-for-all. It was frightening,” she added.
Just 24 32-inch television sets were reduced at the Westwood store as part of the Black Friday sales, which is often seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping period.
A spokeswoman for Asda said that the safety of its customers was of “vital importance”. She also said that the store had additional staff working on Black Friday to assist with the increase in customers and demand.