Supermarket turns to everyday people for its adverts

Sainsbury’s has announced that its January advertising campaign will feature everyday customers as opposed to celebrities.
The supermarket giant has chosen four ‘food lovers’ to partake in the ‘Make your roast go further’ marketing campaign. In it, Jack Monroe, Rejina Sabur-Cross, Pam Clarkson and Nick Coffer will share tips on how to make the most of leftovers – in particular how to make a joint of meat last for three days.
Sarah Warby, marketing director at Sainsburys, said that in the current economic environment there was less of an interest in having celebrity chefs in adverts.
“Jack, Rejina, Pam and Nick are four genuine ‘food lovers’, with families of their own, who are making the most of their food to manage tight budgets,” she added.
The four ‘food lovers’ all have garnered influence and reputations within their own communities either for charitable deeds or through online food blogs, and this marketing initiative will enable them to have a broader platform to share their approaches.
Ms Warby added that January was an opportune time for everyone to remind themselves how to waste less and love leftovers.