Lidl to double the number of UK stores

The German supermarket Lidl is planning to more than double the number of stores it has in the UK.
Lidl intends to open at least 30 new stores a year, and take its tally from 600 to 1,500 stores across the country, according to the Daily Telegraph.
Its UK managing director, Ronny Gottschlich, told the paper: “We really see ourselves these days more of a supermarket than the hard discounter of the past. We offer the best quality for the least.”
The discount retailer reports that its like-for-like sales have increased by 18 per cent. Gottschlich also mentioned the new customers the store was attracting, which he termed as ‘Maidstone Mums’. Such customers used to be ashamed at being seen in Lidl, but now no longer feel the same way according to Gottschlich.
Annual investment is predicted to rise to £300 million within two years, as Lidl will plan to open at least 30 to 40 stores a year, from the current rate of 15 to 20 stores per year.
Mr Gottschlich said that it was important that the quality of Lidl’s stores and products didn’t suffer as it looked to expand its empire.