Expert calls for food crime unit

A government-commissioned report has called for a food crime unit to be set up, to avoid the horse meat scandal happening again.
The report, written by Professor Chris Elliott of Queens University Belfast, says that supermarkets should be held criminally liable if they sell mislabelled meat to customers.
The report called for the establishment of a food crime unit, and Prof Elliott said it would be like a non-Home Office police force, similar to systems currently working in Denmark, Holland and Northern Ireland.
Prof Elliott said: “I have been persuaded by the evidence I have collected that food crime already is or has the potential to become serious organised crime.” He also claimed that the food industry, and by implication its consumers, were “vulnerable”.
This food crime unit would help to prevent fraud through increased intelligence gathering and coordinating with other government departments.
Correct labelling was also called for, and that supermarkets should be held liable for claiming to sell beef which wasn’t actually beef.
The report was commissioned in June as a result of supermarkets such as Tesco selling frozen beef which was actually horse meat.