Coop supermarket in fundraising effort

A co-operative supermarket in Oxford that is facing closure has launched a new fundraising effort in an attempt to turn it around.
The grocer has had very little cash flow in the last few months, even though it was the focus of a Channel 4 documentary set up over a year ago, according to Co-operative News.
People’s Supermarket Oxford is modelled on a London store that aims to give members big discounts on many products, while still offering eco-friendly, sustainable produce at the same time.
But now around �20,000 has to be raised in the coming weeks to keep it going for a few more months, although the fact the organisation has 606 members, 150 of whom are fully active in the scheme, might be a saving grace.
Dan Whitley, general manager of the supermarket, said: “There is a really good relation with the community, we provide locally made things and a lot of real enthusiasm and people willing to volunteer their time to make it work.