ASDA adds Scottish sweets to range

ASDA supermarket has announced it has added eight new lines of confectionary to its Chosen by you Scotland range.
New flavours include Soor Plooms, Edinburgh Rocks, Highlander Toffee, Butterscotch, Mini Macs, Mint Crumbles, Banana Whirls and Liquorice Whirls.
The new sweets will be manufactured by the Golden Casket Group, which already supply the supermarket chain with a broad range of branded products.
Established in Greenock in 1959 by Douglas Rae – a banker who had just £100 to start his firm – Golden Casket is now a multi-million pound company that specialises in toffees, fudges and Fairtrade products.
Susanna Lloyd, ASDA’s local buyer for Scotland said:: “We regularly talk to our customers in Scotland about what they want to see in our stores and locally-produced products always come out on top.”
It is unclear whether these sweets will be brought to other areas of the UK at some point in the future, but the popularity of previous Golden Casket good might mean the supermarket has no choice but to broaden its availability.