Morrisons supermarket joins Great British Roast tax campaign

Morrisons supermarket has lent its backing to a campaign against government plans to introduce a tax on the Great British Roast.
The retailer has joined forces with the British Poultry Council to voice concerns that the proposals – which will see VAT added to the sale of whole rotisserie chickens from October 1st – are unfair to consumers.
Named Don’t Tax Our Roast, the campaign aims to prevent people having to pay over the odds for food that forms the basis of traditional Sunday dinners in the UK.
Jamie Winter, fresh food director at Morrisons, explained people buy whole rotisserie chickens as part of their weekly shop, rather than purchasing it as a takeaway meal.
He stated: “Our customers tell us that they simply cannot pay more in these difficult times. That’s why we’re helping them to fight this unfair tax on the Great British Roast.”
As part of the planned tax, VAT is to be added on to all produce sold hot, effectively classifying it as takeaway food – but Morrsions has argued roast chickens cannot be placed in this particular group.