British kiwiberries launched by UK supermarket

Sainsbury’s supermarket has announced it is to launch English-grown kiwiberries.
It will be the first time the bite-size fruit – grown in Herefordshire – is sold by a retailer in the UK.
Select stores in Herefordshire and the south-west of England will offer the produce in 125-gram packs at a price of £2.75.
The fruit is traditionally found in Holland, Italy, South America and New Zealand, but the supermarket has joined forces with a local grower in a bid to produce it in the UK.
Finbar Cartlidge, tropical fruit buyer at Sainsburys, said the introduction of British kiwiberries – which are a similar size to a grape and are being promoted as a more convenient and sweeter alternative to Kiwi – will serve as a great addition to the retail giant’s quality produce offering.
Mr Cartlidge stated: “We’re always looking at new ways to grow more fruit on home soil which is a good thing for British farmers as well as our customers.”
He added, however, that stocks are limited, so consumers should act fast to take advantage of this exclusive offer.