Spending power improves for supermarket shoppers

Spending power has improved for supermarket shoppers for the fourth month in a row.
This is according to the latest Asda Income Tracker, which revealed the largest gains in disposable income for UK families since December 2009.
It was shown that households were £4 a week better off in September 2012 than in the same month in 2011, while the typical UK home had a discretionary income of £149 a week.
This was nine per cent higher than the year before, as such improvements have been driven by inflation slowing down in September and regular earnings rising by two per cent year-on-year.
Andy Clarke, chief executive officer at Asda, noted: “The good news continues for UK families for now at least – with more disposable income in their pockets now than they had a year ago.”
Mr Clarke said it is worrying, however, that the cost of essentials appears to be increasing, with household budgets likely to be stretched over the winter months in order to pay for extra heating and lighting.