Norfolk Black Chicken exclusively launched by supermarket

Sainsbury’s supermarket has announced the exclusive launch of a free range chicken across the UK.
Customers of the retailer can now enjoy the Norfolk Black Chicken, which has been slow grown for extra quality and flavour.
The Taste the Difference Woodland bird has distinguished black feathers and legs and is provided by the same famers who produce the Taste the Difference Norfolk Black Turkey at Christmas .
Siobhan Geary, chicken buyer at Sainsburys, noted many customers are big fans of the festive bird – so this all-year offering is likely to prove a big hit.
Ms Geary added: “The distinctive black legs on the bird are sure to be a distinctive mark for taste and quality that customers will search out when doing their food shop.”
The chickens are given a corn-based diet throughout the year and are free to roam around hedges and trees outdoors, where they have access to hay bales and extra perches.
It is hoped that such an approach will result in the production of a meat that is both tender and offers a traditional full flavour.