Morrisons lends backing to new hybrid food labelling

Morrisons has lent its support to a new hybrid food labelling system that aims to help customers make healthier choices when shopping.
The supermarket announced it is willing to embrace the initiative – which will see guideline daily amounts combined with traffic light colour coding – as long as the UK food industry and the government can agree upon the nutritional criteria required.
It is hoped that the new approach will make it easier for consumers to make clear comparisons between products, as the system at present sees retailers using different guidelines to convert nutritional information into traffic lights.
Foods with similar nutritional profiles are therefore currently showing different colours on the display – with cereal, for example, having a red code in one shop and an amber one in another.
Sonia Whiteley-Guest, director of brand development at Morrisons, said the traffic light system in use at the moment is creating confusion due to its inconsistent nutritional criteria.
Ms Whiteley-Guest added: “We will work hard to reach a common set of rules which clears up the confusion and makes life easier for customers.”