Supermarket urges to shoppers to get their five a day

Sainsbury’s has announced its support for a new government scheme aimed at encouraging Britons to make sure they are eating five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.
The supermarket has released new research to coincide with the launch of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition’s Responsibility Deal, which has highlighted a lack of knowledge among shoppers regarding healthy consumption.
It was shown that 23 per cent of survey respondents believe chips count as a portion of their five a day, with 47 per cent thinking roast potatoes also contribute towards the tally.
And although 85 per cent of those questioned claimed they understand the importance of eating the right foods on a daily basis, the findings revealed 70 per cent are failing to meet the recommended levels each day.
Charlie Parker, company nutritionist for Sainsburys, described fruit and veg as essential parts of a person’s diet, adding it is therefore very important people are aware of how they can achieve the necessary intake.
“Eating five a day is a fundamental step towards an everyday healthy lifestyle and we back the government’s desire to increase awareness of this,” the expert observed.