Supermarket shoppers are worried about family finances

Many supermarket shoppers are worried about how their family finances will fare in 2013, new research has shown.
According to Asda’s latest Mumdex report, pessimism about money matters and quality of life has resulted in the study’s optimism score dropping from -8 per cent to -18 per cent.
It was shown that just one in ten mothers felt more positive about the UK’s economy as a result of the UK emerging from recession, with two-thirds expecting the climate to become worse next year.
More than 5,500 mums who shop at Asda were questioned as part of the research and it was discovered that budgeting will be a key consideration for many households this Christmas.
Indeed, 45 per cent of respondents said they will be spending less over the festive period this year than in 2011.
Judith McKenna, chief operating officer at Asda, noted consumer confidence is an important factor with regard to driving the economy forward.
“With over 90 per cent of mums expecting the economy to be the same or worse next year we have a long way to go,” Ms McKenna added.