Cobweb apples launched by supermarket

Sainsbury’s has launched a special Halloween snack in the form of the Cobweb apple.
The supermarket revealed the products have been introduced for the spooky season and explained the Cobweb apples – which are so-called because they have white blemishes covering red skin – can be found in bags of Sainsbury’s basics British Cox and Gala.
This spiderweb effect is caused by the cold and wet growing season, with the russet spread coming as the surface looks to restore itself from weather damage.
Sainsbury’s said the release of this fruit – which it claimed is perfect for bobbing at parties and Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations, due to their quality and sweetness – highlights its commitment to helping British farmers and growers.
The chain explained these workers have endured tough times of late due to the unpredictable British weather.
It noted efforts have been made to assist farmers by relaxing specifications on fruit and vegetables in the country, which should result in the crop being better utilised without hindering the quality and value of the produce.