Unfair supermarket pricing tactics exposed

Customers who think they are saving money through discount offers and multi-buy deals at UK supermarkets are being misled, a new study has found.
Analysis of more than 700,000 supermarket prices by consumer watchdog Which? revealed a number of “dodgy pricing tactics”, which make bargains, discounts and multi-buys look better than they are.
These included products increasing in cost as a multi-buy deal starts, thus making them more expensive per item while on offer, and items being put on offer for much longer than at the full higher price.
Cases included Tesco selling a six-pack of Beck’s beer for 190 days at a discount price of around £5 and only 70 days at the normal retail price of £6.79, and Asda doubling the price of a Muller yoghurt from 30p to 61p as it introduced a 10 for £4 deal, and then putting the price back to 30p when the multi-buy offer ended.
In total, Which? found 24 offers that it considered to be potentially misleading, including 13 at Asda and 6 at Tesco .
Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said: “It’s unacceptable that shoppers are confused into thinking they’re getting a good deal when that might not be the case.
“Consumers should not have to worry about whether a special offer is really ‘special’, so we want the supermarkets to play fair and the government to tighten up pricing guidelines so that people can shop with confidence.”
In response to the research, the supermarkets said it is not their intention to mislead shoppers but accepted that mistakes are sometimes made as they try to offer customers the best deal.