Petrol prices reach record high of 140.2p a litre

The cost of unleaded fuel in the UK hit a record high last week, breaking through the 140p a litre mark for the first time and causing more misery for British households.
Latest figures from the AA showed forecourts across the country are now charging an average of 140.20p a litre for unleaded petrol, an increase of nearly 8p since the start of the year.
According to the motoring group, the 7.95p per litre rise has added £8.44 to the monthly fuel bill of a car owner consuming an average of 106.17 litres of petrol a month. In addition, the cost of filling up a large 70-litre tank with unleaded fuel has increased by £6 over the past three months and now stands at £98.
The price of diesel has also hit a new record, with the figures showing that drivers are now paying an average of 146.72p a litre at the pump.
The AA said the latest price hikes were caused by a number of factors, including the weak value of the pound against the dollar.
AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “I’m hoping we are nearing the top of where the fuel price needs to go. It’s a very delicate balancing act but unfortunately there is nothing delicate about the way it is ravaging family budgets.”
David Bizley, technical director of the RAC, warned that prices will continue to rise for UK motorists and could exceed £1.50 a litre this summer following the introduction of a 3p increase in fuel duty in August.
He said: “The way things are going the planned duty rise will see average petrol prices hit the £1.50 a litre mark – forcing more and more people who need their cars off the road.”