Morrisons to make voucher market move

Money-off vouchers may be available to shoppers at supermarket chain Morrisons in the near future after the supermarket announced it is trialing discount coupons at some of its North East stores.
The UK’s fourth largest grocery retailer appears to have performed a u-turn on voucher activity.
Chief executive Dalton Philips recently revealed that the company would rather continue to focus on “value” across its product range than follow the likes of Asda and Sainsbury’s into the voucher market.
But speaking to AOL Money, Morrisons spokesperson Julian Bailey said: “From a competitive point of view, there was a lot of vouching going on [earlier in the year] and we preferred at the time to focus on lower prices. It doesn’t mean we weren’t doing it. ”
“It would be wrong to say we don’t use vouchers; we regularly distribute them to customers. It’s part of the mix of promotions”
It remains to be seen how Morrisons’ voucher scheme will work. Sainsbury’s, for example, uses a system that compares its prices on branded products to those of its rivals. If a product is found to be cheaper elsewhere, it produces a voucher to make up for the difference in price.