Supermarket giant puts focus on ethical trade

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is continuing to place an emphasis on ethical trade, it has been claimed.
In an article appearing in the Daily Telegraph, chief executive officer of J Sainsbury PLC Justin King noted the chain is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its decision to only sell Fairtrade bananas.
Mr King explained the fact the group is also marking the fifth year of its Development Group for dairy farmers is no coincidence.
“A minimum price guarantees the farmer the costs of their production and in both cases we pay a premium on top as an investment in higher standards and sustainability,” he noted.
Bananas are among the top five products sold by Sainsbury’s every week, with people purchasing the items at all times of year in their attempts to stick to a healthy and balanced diet .
Mr King explained that although customers do not want to pay too much for produce such as bananas, they are mindful that lower costs should not come at any price – which is where ethical trade plays a crucial role.