Brits missing out on easy ways to cut energy costs

Millions of Britons are missing out on large energy bill savings each year by failing to better insulate their homes and check they are on the best tariffs.
It is estimated that taking advantage of free or discounted loft and cavity wall insulation offered by energy suppliers can reduce household heating bills by an average £120 a year, while switching the payment method to direct debit could save around a further £100 each year.
However, new figures show that just 100,000 households are currently taking up these free or cut-price insulation deals each month – half the number that are eligible for them.
It is estimated that more than 9.6 million homes in the UK do not have adequate loft insulation, while 7.8 million lack sufficient cavity wall insulation .
Mike O’Connor, chief executive of UK watchdog Consumer Focus, said: “Millions of consumers are finding it hard to afford higher energy bills and every penny that can be saved counts.
“Yet many people are paying more than they need to because their home is leaking heat and they aren’t on the cheapest deal. Yet with one simple call to their energy firm many customers could make big savings on their bill.”
He added: “Changing to a cheaper tariff or payment type can cut your costs. Many people also don’t realise that energy companies offer free or discounted insulation – and it’s a waste not to take advantage of these offers which could shave well over £100 off your bill every year.”