Playstation Vita console available for less than GBP200 at Asda

Supermarket chain Asda is offering the gamers the chance to save over £30 on the cost of the new Playstation Vita .
The latest handheld console from Sony was launched in the UK today (February 22) and is available through a number of online and high street retailers, with many offering cut-price deals .
However the cheapest deal so far is being offered at Asda, with the company slapping a £197 price tag on the WiFi-only version of the Vita – £33 less than Sony’s recommended retail price (RRP) of £230. The offer is available in-store and online at
Amazon is offering the same model for £210, while HMV customers can get their hands on the device for just £98, plus a copy of either FIFA Football or Uncharted: Golden Abyss, as part of a Nintendo 3DS trade-in deal.
Commenting on the soaring demand for the Playstation Vita, Liz Hosmer, manager of video games at Amazon, said: “The release of a new console is always big news and the buzz created around the new technology and enhanced gameplay has ensured that the PlayStation Vita is a bestseller in our charts before it has even been released.”
The Vita comes equipped a powerful processor, a 5in OLED screen touchscreen similar to those found on advanced smartphones, as well as a unique touch-sensitive panel on the back, two analogue sticks to provide accurate control. There’s also WiFi support, 3G, built-in GPS and a movie and music player .