Morrisons offers record discount on fuel prices

Good news for motorists. Supermarket chain Morrisons is offering a record 15p off a litre of fuel to customers who spend £60 or more in-store.
From today, drivers will be save more than £10 off the cost of filling up a 70-litre car under the largest-of-its-kind promotion, which is expected to spark yet another price war amongst the country’s major petrol retailers.
The voucher offer, which will run until Sunday 11 March, comes as welcome relief for UK motorists who last week saw diesel prices reach an all-time high of 143.05p a litre, and there are concerns prices will rise further after oil prices this week hit their highest levels since June 2011.
Morrisons marketing director Richard Lancaster said: “We know how tough it is for our customers. This will help them in these tough economic times. Nobody has ever knocked this much off a litre of fuel before.”
The supermarket’s discount offer is being supported by a national press campaign, which will also promote the Morrisons Miles Card.
The card offers points for every litre of petrol purchased, which can be redeemed for a Morrisons shopping voucher (5000 points gets you £5 off your shopping bill).