Diesel prices return to near record high

The cost of diesel fuel in the UK has soared to near record levels, according to new figures from the AA .
In its February fuel price report, the motoring group revealed that the average price of diesel rose by 0.8p over the past month to 142.9p a litre – just short of the record 143.04p set in May last year.
Meanwhile, the typical price of petrol increased by 1.46p and now stands at 135p per litre – 2.43p off the record high.
According to the AA report, the latest petrol price hike means the monthly fuel bill for the average family with two petrol cars has risen by £5.84 since the start of the year. This would have been higher had the pound not strengthened against the dollar in the last month, it added.
“Britain’s rate of inflation may have fallen but that comes as cold comfort for consumers and businesses that depend on their vehicles and see pump prices nearing last year’s records,” commented AA president Edmund King.
“The fact is that, in a period of stagnant wages, petrol costs 23p a litre more and diesel 29p a litre more than in February 2010, when fuel price rises picked up pace.”
“A typical 50-litre petrol refill now costs £11.50 more and filling an 80-litre commercial van tank with diesel has risen £23.20. In inflationary terms, that is a 20.5 per cent rise in two years for petrol and a 25.6 per cent increase for diesel over the same period.”
“Consequently, we will be reminding the Chancellor before the March Budget that his 3p fuel duty increase ear-marked for Aug 1 should be scrapped if these high pump prices persist.”