Supermarket study reveals Christmas preparation habits

A new survey from Morrisons supermarket has revealed some of the habits of British mothers when it comes to preparing for Christmas.
According to the research, mums typically spend 29 hours and 29 minutes getting ready for December 25th, while 37 per cent of the women questioned claimed they would go without presents in order to receive more help around the house at this time of year.
It was demonstrated that the average mum spends six hours and 27 minutes shopping for presents and festive food, six hours and 14 minutes preparing and cooking Christmas dinner, two hours and seven minutes decorating the house and three hours and ten minutes entertaining guests.
Dads, on the other hand, typically spend less than half the time mums do preparing for the big day, with men of the house putting in around 13 hours of work of this type.
Sonia Whiteley-Guest, director of brand development at Morrisons, said: “It seems mums would still appreciate a few extra festive helpers as they are clocking up over 29 hours on top of their usual routine in preparation for Christmas.”