Supermarket research reveals Christmas disposable income drop

New research from Asda has revealed disposable income in the run-up to Christmas has fallen over the last 24 months.
According to the supermarket’s Income Tracker, families had nearly £50 a month less to spend on gifts in November 2012 compared to the corresponding month two years ago.
It was shown that households were £12 worse off a week in November this year than at the same time in 2010, despite being £1 up on the same period in 2011.
Earnings growth was found to be slow, with up to one in ten workers claiming they are underemployed at present or not getting as many hours as they would ideally hope for.
Andy Clarke, president and chief executive officer at Asda, described 2012 as a mixed economic picture for UK families, as increases in commodities and restrained income growth have served to counter improvements seen in disposable income.
Mr Clarke noted the supermarket’s Mumdex report showed that mothers are not only lacking money, but also feeling pessimistic about the nation’s overall economic position.
“However, it’s clear that mums are determined to make this Christmas the most magical ever, re-balancing their budgets to protect the things that will make the big day extra special,” he added.