Parents hitting supermarkets for teen holiday goods

Parents are heading to supermarkets to stock up on goods for their holiday-bound teenage children, new research has found.
Commissioned by Sainsbury’s Pharmacy, the study revealed worried mums are rushing out to buy suncare products, painkillers and contraception for their kids to take with them on their first independent getaway.
It was shown that one-third of parents have agreed to let their under-18 kids jet off on a vacation with their friends this year, although 79 per cent of them claimed 18 or over is the most appropriate age for youngsters to be heading overseas without supervision.
And mums appear eager to ensure their children are well-equipped to deal with common holiday health issues, with 69 per cent of them admitting they do not trust their offspring to cope with sun burn and mosquito bites, nor to pack basic pharmacy essentials.
Ketan Bhatt, a pharmacist at Sainsbury’s, noted: “Left to their own devices young travellers are the worst offenders when it comes to looking after themselves abroad.”
While 70 per cent of parents think their children can successfully treat a hangover, around half do not think they could care for sun stroke.