New online store for Iceland supermarket

A new online store is being launched by supermarket chain Iceland.
The group has decided to re-open its online service – which was closed six years ago – due to increasing demand, reports.
Malcolm Walker, co-founder and chief executive of Iceland, explained the company came up with the first national grocery online delivery service in the UK in the 1990s, but disbanded the setup in 2006 when the shop’s then-owner the Big Food Group broke up.
“Now, most of our customers have computers and it seems a logical thing to do,” Mr Malcolm observed.
The new website is set to offer consumers a simple service, with a pilot project in the pipeline for early next year.
Mr Malcolm noted the supermarket – whose first store opened in 1970 – already has 80 per cent of the online infrastructure in place, with 1,200 home delivery vehicles able to pick up goods from 800 stores and transport them to 170,000 homes on a weekly basis.
In addition, customers will be able to purchase their products in-store and have the items taken to their doorstep.