Asda supermarket study reveals changing role of mums

The changing role of mums in the UK has been highlighted by a new supermarket study.
Asda’s latest Mumdex report has shown increasing equality in the home, with females contributing more to household income.
Indeed, it was shown that nine-out-of-ten mothers who shop at the supermarket giant put money towards family finance, with one-quarter of mums contributing more than half of this total.
Despite this, the survey suggested conflicting responsibilities are making it more difficult than ever to be a good mum, especially as there is increasing pressure on women to ‘have it all’.
Judith McKenna, chief operating officer at Asda – which has more than 500 stores in the UK – noted mothers are both breadwinners and breadmakers in households today, adding: “Our latest Mumdex research shows that the average mum is no longer constrained by old-fashioned male or female stereotypes – either within the home or outside it.”
Ms McKenna observed females are hoping for a fairer future that will see them fulfilling their career ambitions while also sharing the domestic duties – which could include buying goods from the supermarket – with their male partners.