Supermarkets shave 2p a litre of petrol prices

Petrol prices have been cut by up to 2p a litre at the UK’s largest supermarkets – Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.
Asda was the first to bring some respite for UK motorists, announcing on Friday (April 20) that drivers would pay no more than 138.7p a litre for unleaded fuel and 143.7p for diesel at its supermarket forecourts.
Tesco soon followed suit by confirming the cost of petrol at its 500 fuels stations would also be reduced by as much as 2p a litre, although it added that prices will vary in different parts of the country, ranging from 137.9p to 140.9p a litre.
Sainsbury then said petrol and diesel prices “in many of our stores” would be lowered from Saturday morning.
The supermarket price cuts come after a new report by the AA revealed that prices at the pump reached a new high of 142.48p per litre last week, with diesel remaining near its record high of 147.88p per litre.
It also showed that the price of petrol has risen by an average of 10.23p per litre since the beginning of 2012, while the cost of diesel has increased by 7.32p per litre over the same period.