Energyhelpline launches Big Switch competitor

A new online service aimed at helping Britons save money on their energy bills has been launched by
The Huge Switch is a collective bargaining scheme designed to help consumers reduce their gas and electricity costs by negotiating the lowest possible prices with energy suppliers, much like Which?’s Big Switch initiative which already has 250,000 members since launching in February.
However, Energyhelpline says The Huge Switch includes a number of other improvements on the Big Switch scheme, which despite being popular with consumers has been criticised by some for the UK’s major energy firms for the amount of money it could earn generate for consumer rights group Which?
According to the website, the Huge Switch service will charge suppliers up to 50 per cent less commission than the £40 cut Which? currently takes.
Customers will be offered two options – the Huge Switch price and the current best market price –and will be able to switch immediately, rather than wait, and will also be able to have their tariff tailored to their individual or household needs.
Mark Todd, director of, said: “We agree with the concept of the Which? Big Switch, but feel there are a number of flaws. We believe we have come up with a solution that would be better, cheaper and provide more choice and flexibility for the customer.”
He added: “There are still some suggestions that the collective bargaining price won’t be any lower than the best price offered by comparison sites anyway.”
“We want to give customers the choice to go their own way in the switching process or offer them the strength in numbers to be part of a bigger bargaining unit if they prefer. Effectively, we are giving them the chance to hedge their bets and get a second bite of the cherry.”
Fore more information or to register with The Huge Switch scheme, visit