Waitrose sells out of popular Indian wines

Indian wine is proving extremely popular with shoppers at Waitrose, with stocks running out over the weekend, the supermarket has revealed.
Waitrose became the first grocery chain in the UK to offer wine produced in India earlier this month when it started selling two varieties – a crisp, aromatic white called Ritu Viognier and a rich, dark-fruited red branded Zampa Syrah –as part of its ‘Rest of the World’ wine collection .
The white and red vintages are made from traditional French grape varieties (viognier and syrah) grown in the Maharashtra region of western India, and are initially available at special cut-price deals of £6.99 and £8.49 respectively.
Waitrose wine buyer Matt Smith said: “Sales so far have exceeded expectations so we are looking at adding them permanently to our wine range .”
“The quality of Indian wine has improved a great deal over the last five years with investment and expertise pouring into the industry.”
He added: “I think the Indian wines are good with curry, but we chose to stock them as they stand up on their own, too. The aromatic white goes well with mildly spiced dishes, but both wines are very versatile thanks to their grape varieties.”
Last year, Indian wines were on show at London’s International Wine festival for the first time in 30 years, highlighting the country’s improving produce.