Tescos own label produce the nations favourite

A new study into shopper behaviour has revealed that Tesco’s own-label products are the most popular of all the supermarkets’ own-brand ranges.
Both the Finest and Value ranges from Tesco topped a poll asking UK shoppers to name their favourite supermarket own-label products.
In second place was Sainsburys Taste the Difference and Basic lines.
Highlighting the growing appeal of supermarket own-brand produce, the survey revealed that 71 per cent of shoppers see little or no difference between own-label products and other brands sold in the store, while nearly 60 per cent said they now make more own-label purchases than they did two years ago.
Furthermore, only 8 per cent of consumers said they would refuse to purchase an own-label product.
Anthony Donaldson, planning director of marketing agency Haygarth, which conducted the research in partnership with Retail in Action and YouGov, said the survey highlights “the growing competition that brands now face”.
“The onslaught from retailers’ own label has forced many traditional brands to re-evaluate their appeal to consumers,” he commented.
“The clever brands that remain in the nation’s psyche, such as Heinz, Walkers and Kellogg’s have been consistent in their communications and re-expressed the values that have made them so popular in the past.”
“To compete with the ever popular supermarket own label market, households brands need to focus on the emotional reasons why people buy, renew their focus on clear messaging and provide inspiration for their customers”.