Morrisons Trails New Food Range Through Secret Restaurant

Supermarket chain Morrisons has been using a pop-up kitchen restaurant in London’s West End to secretly test its new upmarket food range .
Customers attracted by Twitter and Facebook invitations have this week been enjoying evening meals made by five top chefs at the unbranded kitchen, unaware that all the recipes are actually from Morrisons’ new line of M Kitchen ready meals .
The kitchen in Great Marlborough Street was set up to gauge people’s reaction to the new range, which Morrisons say is aimed at offering Marks and Spencer quality at lower prices.
Customers will only be informed of Morrison’s involvement at the end of three-night trial to ensure they give impartial feedback.
The launch of M Kitchen, which will be made official with a TV ad campaign on Saturday night, is part of a major, year-long overhaul of Morrisons’ entire own-label food range .